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How To Use the Affiliate Delete User Web Hook

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019 01:02PM PST


If you are an affiliate user and you are registering your users with us via our API, you may want to know if any of your users delete their Fotomoto store or account.


If you can provide us with a web hook URL in your affiliate account information page, we will call it whenever one of your users deletes their account.

The JSON responses are detailed below:

When a user's store is deleted (but they still have other stores) you will receive:

"data": {
"key": "Deleted_User_Store_Key",
"message_id": "182f9b1361164419",
"affiliate_id": "Your_Affiliate_ID",
"type": "store.deleted"

When a user's last store is deleted and thus the user's account is deleted, you will receive:

"data": {
"email": "User_Email",
"message_id": "470a011361164420",
"affiliate_id": "Your_Affiliate_ID",
"type": "user.deleted"

Keep in mind that "key" is unique for each store, and "email" is unique for each account.
Accounts can consist of multiple stores. 
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