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About the "Image Being Processed" message

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019 01:17PM PST
As you may have read in this article, the first time a Fotomoto-enabled page is loaded in a web browser, a 'reference' thumbnail of each image on the page appears in your Fotomoto Dashboard. This makes it easier to manage how you sell your images as you can select thumbnails in the Dashboard and move them in and out of Collections.

Fotomoto handles millions of images, so some times it takes a moment or two to put images from your page in to your Dashboard. When this happens we show you a 'placeholder' image that says 'Image Being Processed', as shown below.

At certain times it's normal to see this 'processing' image for a few minutes, since network speeds vary, it is not always possible to estimate how long these intensive operations will take. Please wait at least an hour before contacting Fotomoto Support to say that your image is "still" being processed.

screenshot of the "Image Being Processed" placeholder in the Fotomoto Dashboard
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