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What you need in order to use Fotomoto

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2018 09:37AM PST

To use Fotomoto you'll need:

  1. A compatible website where you will sell your images.
  2. A Fotomoto account
  3. A Stripe or PayPal account
  4. In some cases you'll need a credit card - please see below

Does your site work with Fotomoto?

If you already have a website, check the list of applications and services to see if Fotomoto works with the platform you use to build your site. If your platform isn't on the list, you might still be able to use Fotomoto as long as you can add a few lines of JavaScript to your site code.

If you don't have a site yet or are unhappy with the one you've got, just pick an application or service from the list that matches your needs.

If you have questions, just contact our support team.


Signing up for a Fotomoto account

You'll need a Fotomoto account - if you don't have one, just sign up at, and the Fotomoto Signup Wizard will walk you through the signup process and help you get started with installation.

Getting a Stripe or PayPal account

You can create a Stripe account on Stripe's website as explained here, or you can register for one during the Fotomoto account signup process.

For instructions on getting a PayPal account, please see How Do I Get a PayPal Account?

Please note that if you add a Stripe account to your Dashboard, you will only be able to accept payments in USD. If you are using PayPal, make sure that your account is set up to accept any desired currencies.

Do you need a credit card?

Only if you:

  1. Subscribe to our Pro or Pro Plus plans - we charge the card for monthly subscription fees.
  2. Use Fotomoto's automatic fulfillment feature - when you sell a print we charge the card for printing costs, but credit your payment account with the selling price (minus processing fees).
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