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How to apply Wall Peels

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2019 12:09AM PST

Important! Before you begin...

Wall Peels are intended for interior wall application, and can be applied to the following surfaces:
  • Non-textured, smooth, painted drywall and sheetrock
  • Smooth wood surfaces - do not apply to varnished wood as removal may cause clear varnish to lift leaving minor damage.
  • Non-textured, smooth wallpaper

The following surfaces should be avoided:
  • Uneven, porous, or textured wall surfaces including orange peel
  • "Commercial grade" wallpapers - decals will not adhere to wallpaper with “easy clean” or Teflon coatings
  • Exterior wall surfaces
  • Unpainted drywall, or walls with inferior paint applications
  • Walls exposed to extremely humid conditions may be problematic

Applying Wall Peels to your wall surface

1. Clean your wall surface and flatten Wall Peel

Lay the rolled sheet out flat and allow it to flatten for several hours. In the mean time, clean wall surface with a damp cloth to remove excess dust.

2. Position the Mural

Tape the top two corners down with masking tape in desired location. Measure as necessary to be sure the mural is properly aligned.

3. "Hinge" the Panel

Drop down 10" to 12" below each of the two corners and place a 6" strip of masking tape horizontally to the wall and the mural – 3" on the wall and 3" on the mural. Once the hinge is in place, remove the two corner pieces of tape exposing the backside of the mural.

4. Peel the Decal

Peel the decal away from the backing paper exposing the sticky side of the decal. Be careful that it doesn’t stick to itself. Use scissors or a utility knife to cut off the excess backing paper being careful not to harm the wall surface.

5. Apply the Mural

Starting at a center position near the hinge, use horizontal strokes with the squeegee to apply the exposed decal to the wall. Use gentle strokes and even pressure to secure the entire section in this manner. Remove the remaining masking tape once the initial portion of the mural is secure and adhered correctly.


6. Complete the installation

Reach underneath the panel and gradually pull another portion of backing paper away from the decal. Use the same method to apply the exposed decal using horizontal strokes with the squeegee tool. Continue to pull the paper away from the decal and apply with squeegee until complete. If an air bubble appears during the application, it may be necessary to gently pull up a portion of the vinyl to release the air pocket. Re-apply using even pressure with squeegee until complete.

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