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How can I put the Buy Buttons under the images on my site?

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2019 12:04AM PST

Fotomoto typically puts the Buy Buttons underneath the images on your site, but if they appear elsewhere, check below for potential reasons why.

The Buy Button Position setting

Go to the Store Appearance page in your Fotomoto Dashboard (Settings > Store Appearance) and make sure "Below Image" is selected under the Position heading.

Screenshot of the Buy Button position setting in the Buy Button Appearance page of the Fotomoto Dashboard

Are you using Fancybox?

If you're using the Fancybox JavaScript library in your page, we position the Buy Buttons in a toolbar that is fixed to the top of the page. Given the way that Fancybox displays images, Fotomoto can't determine where the bottom of the image is, so we put it at the top as a next-best option.

Screenshot of Buy Buttons at the top of a page on a FancyBox website
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