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How to calculate the biggest print sizes you should sell

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019 02:23PM PST

Fotomoto allows you to sell very large prints, but because it offers images for sale based on the low-resolution images from your website, it doesn't know whether or not your "original" image files have enough resolution. Note we don't have your high resolution image files until you upload them to complete an order.

We recommend you disable any print sizes that are larger than your original images can support. This article explains how to calculate the maximum print size you should offer.

Resolution requirements

Fotomoto recommends that your "original" high resolution (print) images be between 200dpi and 300dpi. If you sell a print and upload an image that doesn't have enough resolution, you will see a warning in the Fotomoto Dashboard after you upload the file. You can choose to "Print anyway", but we don't recommend it, and we won't be responsible for any customer complaints about print quality.

How to calculate the maximum print size to offer

  1. Find the resolution of the original image. Say for example it's 3872px x 2592px.
  2. Divide each dimension of the image by 200 (the minimum dpi). For example 3872/200 x 2592/200 = 19.36" x 12.96"
  3. The result will be the largest size you should offer - in this case it's 19.36" x 12.96", so you should disable any larger print sizes.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Fotomoto Support - we're glad to help!

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