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How do I Recover Blocked Images?

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2017 12:21AM PDT

Before you recover your blocked images, you will want to resolve the issue that caused them to be blocked. Possible causes include:

  1.  Your website may have been down when Fotomoto server tried to access images.
  2.  Your image may be password-protected or our server is otherwise blocked from accessing it.
  3.  Your image has a "bad" URL that does not follow conventional URL standards, for example disallowed characters like spaces, etc.

After you have fixed your issue, you can recover your blocked images through the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the tab for your store.

    In the menu bar along the left,  you will find a section labeled "Unavailable."   You will need to click on Unavailable to reveal the "Blocked" category.  Click on "Blocked" to navigate to your blocked images.

    Screenshot showing the Blocked Collection in the Fotomoto Dashboard
  2. Select all of your blocked images.

    You can do this easily by clicking the Select All button.

    Screenshot showing how to select all images in the Blocked Collection of the Fotomoto Dashboard
  3. Remove selected images.

    From the dropdown action menu, select "remove selected images" to delete your images from Fotomoto's servers.

    Screenshot showing how to remove all images in the Blocked Collection of the Fotomoto Dashboard
  4. Refresh the page you sell your image from.

    Once your image loads with Fotomoto's buy buttons, Fotomoto's servers will have added your images into the proper collections.  If they reappear in the blocked collection, it may be because you did not fix the original problem that caused your images to be blocked.   If you are sure that your blocked image does not fall these categories, please contact support to help us figure out why your image has been blocked.

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