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What's New in Fotomoto 2.0

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2019 12:28AM PST

Fotomoto 2.0 is here! There's a ton of new features and enhancements, so let's take a look at what's new.

Brand New UI

Our sleek new UI is cleaner and designed to be more intuitive. The slight page re-organization also helps you get to what you want more quickly and efficiently.


We've redefined the way product and pricing options are set in the Dashboard. Now with Collections, it's easier than ever to set up how images are sold and shared from your store. Read More

New Image Management

We have completely redesigned the  Image page, with bigger thumbnails, batch selection, and in-page controls it's easier than ever to manage and control your images.

Improved Order Management

You can now directly compare the web and print versions of any image in an order, making it much easier to confirm that the correct image will be used to fulfill the order.

It doesn't end there

In addition to the big new changes, there are also a lot of other enhancements, including:

  • Help is a Click Away Search our Knowledge Base and Support Community right from any page in the Dashboard. We have also increased the help tooltips throughout the dashboard.
  • Notifications Important messages are highlighted on the home page of your Dashboard, letting you know when an order needs your attention.
  • Built-in Feedback lets you send your comments to Fotomoto without leaving the page.
  • Buy Button Customization Now you can edit your custom CSS for the Buy Buttons and Shopping Cart and preview the results all on the Store Appearance page!
  • New Back End We've re-written much of our application code so Fotomoto will be more stable, and more scalable to handle the growing number people using our service. The new platform also makes it easier for us to develop and release new features so you'll see them sooner!
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