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How to use Coupons

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2013 11:33AM PST

It's easy to create and use Coupons to offer discounts on products you sell using Fotomoto

How to create a coupon using Fotomoto

  1. Go to the Coupons page in your Fotomoto Dashboard.
  2. Click the "Create New Coupon" button
  3. Set the options for the coupon to create, then click the "Save Coupon" button. Pro and Pro Plus subscribers can also give the coupon a custom name.
  4. Copy the Coupon code and paste it wherever you need it.

screenshot of the New Coupon button in the Coupons page of the Fotomoto Dashboard

screenshot of the Create Coupon dialog box in the Fotomoto Dashboard

How to Modify or Delete the Coupon

  1. Roll your cursor over the Coupon you want to change
  2. Click either the Delete icon, or click the Edit icon, make your changes and click Save Coupon.

Note that coupons that have been used can't be edited or deleted

screenshot of the edit and delete coupon buttons in the Fotomoto Dashboard

How to Redeem the Coupons

See our article at

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