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How do I delete images uploaded to complete an order?

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2019 11:52PM PST

Once you have uploaded all of the images needed to complete an order, you will have up to two hours to re-upload the images before the order goes to print. This article explains how to remove images that were uploaded.

Removing a single uploaded image

  1. Go to the "order detail" page in your Fotomoto Dashboard by going to the Orders page and clicking the order link.

    screenshot of the Orders page in the Fotomoto Dashboard
  2. Roll your cursor over the image that you want to remove in the Uploaded column, and click the trash can icon. This will remove the high resolution image from Fotomoto.

    screenshot of the delete uploaded images button in the Fotomoto Dashboard


Removing all uploaded high resolution images

  1. Go to the Settings page of your Fotomoto Dashboard and select "Delete All Uploaded (Hi-Res) Photos" from the Site Maintenance drop-down menu.

    screenshot of the delete all high-res images link in the Fotomoto Dashboard

If you are unable to delete the uploaded image, please contact Fotomoto Support and be sure to specify the order number and which images you need to remove.

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