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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2017 02:08PM PST

You can instantly add e-commerce to your application by integrating with Fotomoto - give your users a one-stop solution to sell their images.

Partnership with Fotomoto is a great solution for:

  1. Photo sharing and other image gallery services
  2. Content Management Systems (CMS)
  3. Plugins, Themes and other modules

Benefits of a partnership with Fotomoto include:

ROI for your customers

Give your users a way to make money by selling their images as prints, downloads, and more. Fotomoto is designed to be an instant e-commerce solution.

Promotion for your service

Fotomoto attracts thousands of people who want to sell their images on the Web, and they might be interested in using your solution to power their websites. Get listed here and promote that your product works with Fotomoto to generate more exposure to your service.

Easy Integration

Adding Fotomoto to your code is as easy as adding a few lines of JavaScript to your template. Our HTML and Flash APIs can be used for more advanced integrations, and we also offer automatic user registration via XML or JSON.

Automatic user registration

Save your users time by automatically registering them for a Fotomoto account via our API - this way all they'll need to do is click a link, create a password and set up shop!

Last but not least, it's Free! We provide our partners with free access to our partner API, and we'll even throw in the integration support.

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