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What scripts, libraries and plugins does Fotomoto support?

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019 11:48AM PST

Instructions for use

If you use one of the image gallery libraries below, make sure to set it as your Script Library in the Settings page of your Dashboard. For instructions, please see How do I use Fotomoto with a custom Javascript library.

Supported libraries

Note: only the version numbers shown have been tested with Fotomoto - other versions may work but are not supported.

Library Version Plugin Notes
Art Sexy LightBox 2.2    
ColorBox 1.3.19    
fancybox 2.1.5 - 3.52   Updated!
FooBox   FooBox  
Galleria 1.4.2 Galleria Galleria v0.2, Photo Galleria v0.5.1  
Galleriffic 2.0.1    
Juicebox 1.8   install instructions
Lightbox 1 - 2.10.0   Updated!
Lytebox 5.2    
Magnific Popup 1.1.0   New!
prettyPhoto 3.1.6    
Shadowbox JS 3.0.3 Shadowbox JS v3.  
SlimBox 1.8, 2.04    
ThickBox 3.1    
Visual Photo 1, 2    
WP Photo Album Plus 6.3.7 WP Photo Album Plus v5.2.16 See "quick start" instructions here

Found a script or library you want us to support, or found a way to make Fotomoto work with a different script or library? Then drop us a line here!

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