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How long should it take to receive my order?

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018 12:08PM PDT

When you order a print or download from Fotomoto, the seller decides whether or not to have Fotomoto fulfill the order. If Fotomoto fulfills the order, the seller needs to provide us with the high resolution files needed to create the products ordered - this usually happens within 48 hours.

Once we have the files, download orders are available immediately, and print orders will be shipped in seven business days or less; Premium prints generally ship in 2-3 business days, canvas, Framed and Fine Art prints generally ship in 3-4 business days, and MetalPrints in 5 business days. We will email you to confirm that the order has shipped. Delivery time depends of course on which shipping option you chose, and we provide you with the links needed to track your package.

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