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Promote your work using Coupons

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2011 03:23PM PDT

Coupons are a great tool that help you market and sell your art.

Ways to use coupons

The possibilities are endless - here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • If you meet someone at an event, offer them a special discount - write the coupon code on your flyer or business card
  • Offer people 10% off on purchases if they join your mailing list
  • Advertise that you are offering a coupon in a banner ad on your website.  This way all new visitors can be enticed to make a purchase. 
  • Pick your favorite special day and have a sale; use a coupon to give discounts on Valentine's Day, Veteran's Day, Boxing Day, Earth Day, New Year's Day, etc. Almost every day is a special day somewhere =)
  • Post your discount offer on your Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Give coupons for significant discounts to friends and family
  • Offer your customers a coupon for a discount on any purchase over a certain dollar amount

How to Get Started with Coupons

See our article on How to Use Coupons.

Sending Coupons to Potential Customers

If you're giving coupons to potential customers, it's a nice touch to let them know how to redeem the coupon - feel free to copy the info from this article below or just send them the link

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