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Customizing the Shopping Cart

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 12:56PM PST

You have two options to customize the Fotomoto Shopping Cart, which appears on your site when a customer has an item in their cart. You can set the options in the Store Appearance page of your Fotomoto Dashboard.

Change the location of the Shopping Cart

By default the Shopping Cart appears on your site when a customer on your site closes the Order Window while an item is in their Cart. You can customize where the Cart appears on your page - just select an option from the Position drop-down menu.

Note: it is not possible to customize the appearance of the Shopping Cart.

screenshot of selecting position for the Fotomoto Shopping Cart in the Fotomoto Dashboard

Use custom links instead of the Shopping Cart

You can put a custom link on your page that will replace the Fotomoto Shopping Cart.  To do this, simply insert the following DIV in to your page code.

<div id="FotomotoViewCart"></div>

or if you need to put it where you can't use a DIV, try:

<a id="FotomotoViewCart">View Cart</a>

You can change the link text and customize the appearance using the settings in the Store Appearance page of your Fotomoto Dashboard.

Note that this custom link is not conditional - it will appear on your site regardless of whether or not there are any items in the Cart.

Bring the Shopping cart to the front

Some times you will have a div infront of your shopping cart either blocking the image or making it unclickable. You can change the z-index of shopping cart in the Custom CSS section of  the Store Appearance page of your Fotomoto Dashboard with the following code. 

.FotomotoViewCartClass { z-index: 9999;}
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