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How do I install Fotomoto on The Turning Gate's Galleries?

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2013 11:20AM PDT

Before You Start

Fotomoto supports web galleries generated using Adobe Lightroom 2.4 or greater in combination with The Turning Gate Galleries.  We support the following TTG plugins:

Please visit The Turning Gate's website for the latest updates and product support.

  1. Change your Site Settings

    On the Settings page of the Fotomoto Dashboard, change your Script Library setting to TTG Highslide Gallery Pro, and click the Save button.

    screenshot of the settings page in the Fotomoto Dashboard
  2. Copy your Site Key

    Click the site key link next to where it says "To Add Fotomoto", and copy the Site Key.

    screenshot of the get site key link in the settings page of the Fotomoto Dashboard
  3. Select Fotomoto as your E-Commerce Option

    In The Turning Gate Galleries, select Appearance from the control pane, then select Fotomoto from the E-Commerce Mode drop-list.

  4. Enter Site Key

  5. Success!

    Fotomoto should now work on your Turning Gate Galleries site.

    Now that you've installed Fotomoto on your site, you might want to read our article "I've installed Fotomoto - now what?".

    If you don't see the Buy Buttons, please see this article.
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