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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 03:20PM PDT

What do I need before I can use Fotomoto?
First you need to have a website where you want to sell your images. Fotomoto works with sites in this list. You'll also need to create a Fotomoto account - you can sign up here. A PayPal or Stripe account is required to receive payments for products sold, and you'll need to add a credit card to your Dashboard or have a PayPal account to use Fotomoto's automatic order fulfillment. To purchase images using Fotomoto, buyers only need a JavaScript-enabled browser; we support IE 8 and above and all other major browsers.

Can I sell to customers outside the U.S.?
Yes! Fotomoto accepts credit card payments via PayPal and Stripe. Fotomoto-fulfilled orders are produced in California and shipped via UPS, USPS or FedEx, except for Premium print orders from Europe, which are produced in Germany. Any international shipping rates will apply.

What are your shipping rates?
To see our shipping rates you'll need to log in to a Fotomoto account, click the Settings tab, then click Shipping Costs. Sellers can adjust their own shipping rates for self-fulfilled orders.

Can I use Fotomoto on my site? Where do I start?
First check our How page to see if Fotomoto works with the system you use to build your website, then click on the appropriate link to find instructions on how to install Fotomoto. You will also need to have a Fotomoto account.

Can I customize Fotomoto to match my website?
Yes! Please read our article on Customizing Fotomoto to match your website.

How do I get paid for products I sell?
As soon as a customer places an order, we immediately credit the seller's PayPal or Stripe account. For more information, please see our article "How do I get paid for the products I sell using Fotomoto".

Are there any additional fees for using your service?
Please see the Subscription Plan Comparison Chart. For orders fulfilled automatically by Fotomoto there is a $.99 fee charged for orders under $10, as well as a $1.49 fee on card orders under 10 items. Note a maximum of one of these fees will be charged on an order.

How can I get sample prints to check the quality?
When Fotomoto is installed on your site you can order test prints at cost from Fotomoto's printing partners.  The other option is to buy prints from another seller who is using Fotomoto - at this time there is no way to order test prints without having Fotomoto installed on a site.

Do you host my website?
No. Fotomoto is designed to help you sell images on your existing website. Please see our article here for an overview of how Fotomoto gets the images from your site. If you're looking for a hosted service that works with Fotomoto, please check out the list of applications that Fotomoto works with.

How long does it take Fotomoto's print partners to fulfill orders?
Once you have uploaded any print files needed to fulfill an order, the prints are created and shipped in 7 business days or less; Premium prints generally ship in 2-3 business days, canvas, MetalPrints, Framed and Fine Art prints generally ship in 3-4 business days. After that, delivery to the customer depends on which method of shipping they selected. Note that we may be shipping from multiple print labs, so customers may receive their orders in separate deliveries.

Can Fotomoto be used to sell art instead of photographs?
Absolutely! Fotomoto can be used to sell prints of your artwork via image files on your website - this can be vector or other graphic art.

Can my customers use currencies other than U.S. Dollars?
Absolutely - you can set which currency you would like to sell with. We support the U.S. Dollar and several others including the Euro, Pound and Yen. Please see this article for a full list of supported currencies.

What products do you offer?
Fotomoto's print partners offer several types of prints including traditional C-prints, canvas prints, fine art prints on several different papers, and greeting cards. You can also sell downloads for personal or commercial use.

Can I offer coupons or gift certificates to my customers?
You can create several types of coupons on the Coupons page of the Fotomoto Dashboard. We currently do not offer gift certificates, but you can create coupons that let your buyers purchase prints at a discount, down to the base price.

Can I use Fotomoto on more than one website?
Yes! You can sell images on an unlimited number of websites using a single Fotomoto account with our Pro Plus subscription plan.

How do I log in to my Fotomoto account?
Go to and use the Log In button at the top right, or go directly to

How much do the prints cost?
At the request of our photographers, we do not publish the costs of our prints. You can check current pricing by following the instructions in this article.

Which labs do you use to create prints?
We have hand-selected several partner labs to offer very high quality prints to your customers. You can also choose to have your prints fulfilled via your lab of choice.

Can I use Fotomoto to sell prints that I make myself?
Yes! Please see How can I sell prints I make myself or at my preferred lab?

Can I sell signed prints using Fotomoto?
Yes - you can choose to fulfill your own prints so you can sign them before having them shipped.

Is Fotomoto associated with the Fotomoto virus?
Uh, no. We're too busy to make viruses.

Can Fotomoto be used with Flash?
Flash is not supported "out of the box", but with some development you can use Fotomoto with your Flash gallery. Partners like Viewbook offer beautiful Flash sites with Fotomoto already built-in.

How much am I charged by Fotomoto when I make a sale on my site?
Please see "How can I get paid for the products I sell using Fotomoto?"

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