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Last Updated: Aug 30, 2017 12:04AM PDT

I have installed Fotomoto, but I am not seeing the "Buy Print" links under my image.
Please see our troubleshooting instructions, which covers the common issues.

Why do I see a message saying "We cannot determine the pricing for this image at this time" when I try to order an image?
If you see this message it usually means that the image file is not available or there is problem with how you have configured your print settings. Please see this page for complete descriptions of what could be wrong.

Fotomoto is installed on my site but only some of my photos appear in my Dashboard
The Fotomoto Script loads images in to your Dashboard when the page they are on is viewed in a web browser, or in some cases when someone clicks a Buy Button. Please see this article to learn more about how Fotomoto works.

I have set my print sizes, but they're not showing up correctly in the Fotomoto Order Window
It's most likely that you have set Fotomoto set to use Print Size Options that are not appropriate for the aspect ratio of your photo. READ MORE

The "Buy Print" button under my photo doesn't work
It is most likely that the CSS or JavaScript code on your website is conflicting with Fotomoto, making it un-clickable. Please search our Help page for answers to this issue, or post about it on our Community Help Forum.

I can't complete my order because Fotomoto says the resolution of my image is too low
Please provide a higher-resolution image. If this is not possible, you have the option to cancel or continue with the order - please contact Fotomoto support.

The Fotomoto Dashboard Image submenu contains "blank" or missing images!
This may be due to a known issue regarding HTTPS, please use the HTTP protocol as we do not support HTTPS. READ MORE

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