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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 11:55AM PST

The Fotomoto Dashboard helps you keep track of your sales, licensing inquiries, and customers. You can even download a sales report that can be opened in your favorite spreadsheet program. We also provides some basic stats on image views. 

Start by logging in to your Fotomoto Dashboard, then follow the instructions below to see your sales and stats.


You can see an overview of your sales on the Home screen of the Dashboard under Store on the left.

To see detailed order information, click on the Orders tab - there you'll see a list of all orders that you can filter by product type as well as order status. To see a details of a single order, click either the Order Details button to the right of the order or the order number (orange link) in the list.

screenshot of the Orders page in the Fotomoto Dashboard


To see who has been buying your images and sending eCards:

  1. Click on the Orders tab.
  2. Click Customers on the left.
  3. Select whether you want to see paying customers or eCard senders from the Filter drop-down menu.

screenshot of the Customers page in the Fotomoto Dashboard

Image Stats

To see how many times your images have been viewed, sold or sent as eCards:

  1. Click on the Images tab.
  2. Select "View count" from the Sort By drop-down menu.
  3. Roll over the image info icon for any given image to see how many times the image was viewed, purchased and sent as an eCard.

screenshot of stats shown in the All Images Album of the Fotomoto Dashboard

Checking Licensing Requests

If you have enabled the Contact Me option so that users can request licenses of your image, you can see the history of licensing inquiries by clicking the Inquiries link on the Orders page.

Screenshot of the licensing inquiries page in the Fotomoto Dashboard

Downloading a sales report

From your Dashboard you can download a comma-separated value (CSV) file that can be imported in to most spreadsheets and databases.

  1. Click the Orders tab and then click the Customers link on the left.
  2. Click the Actions drop-down menu, choose which file you want to download, then select a location on your computer where you'll store the file.

Screenshot of the download CSV link in the Customer screen of the Fotomoto Dashboard


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