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Set product and pricing options

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2015 02:47PM PDT

You can set up products to sell, pricing, and features to use in your store from the Fotomoto Dashboard - just follow these easy steps:

Set up products in your store

  1. Log in to your Fotomoto Dashboard and click the Store tab.
  2. Enable or disable products and sharing options using the on/off switches under the For Sale Collection. Use the For Sale Collection to manage pricing and options for the majority of your images.
  3. Click the icons in For Sale to set your pricing and change product options.

    Please make sure your source image files are large enough for the print sizes you offer - see this article for recommendations.
  4. Set the product pricing and other options based on how you'd like to sell your work.

    Be sure to see our Print Size Options article to learn how our system handles pricing for images at different aspect ratios.


Add Collections as needed

Paid (Pro and Pro Plus) subscribers have the option to price and sell some images differently than the rest. This is done by creating a new Collection to contain those images. For example, say you want to sell certain images as smaller, less-expensive Snapshots - you would create a separate Collection to contain those images.

  1. Click the "Add New Collection" button
  2. Give the collection a meaningful name ("Snapshots" for example ), choose whether or not you want to copy the pricing from another Collection, then click the "Create Collection" button.
  3. Set up products for the new Collection as explained above and add more Collections as needed to manage your store. Pro subscribers can have up to 5 collections, and Pro Plus subscribers can add any number of Collections.

Add collection button in Fotomoto Dashboard

Screenshot of add new collection dialog in Fotomoto Dashboard

Set your Default Collection

Any new image added to your Dashboard (see How Fotomoto works on your site) will go in to the Default Collection, indicated by the orange Collections icon. At first, the For Sale Collection is set as the default, but you can use any Collection you like.

To change the Default Collection:

  1. Click the settings icon next to the Collection you want to be the default.
  2. Choose "Make Default" in the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of setting default collection in the Fotomoto Dashboard

Move your images into the Collections

  1. Click the thumbnail for the All Photos Album on your Store page to see every image in your Dashboard.
  2. Click the thumbnail(s) for images you want to move. Use the buttons in the toolbar to select all images, no images, or invert your selection.
  3. Click the Actions drop down menu, click Set Collection, then choose the desired Collection and click OK.

All photos collection in the Fotomoto Dashboard

Selected images and selecting a destination Collection in the Fotomoto Dashboard

You're Done!

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