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Missing the Fotomoto Buy Buttons?

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 11:35AM PST

If you've installed Fotomoto according to the instructions and you're not seeing the Buy Button links, please check the following:

  1. Have you set up your Payment Account?  You need to add a payment account to your Fotomoto Dashboard. If you haven't already, please log in to your Dashboard and go to the Payment Account page to add your Stripe or PayPal account.
  2. Is your image "Not For Sale"? - putting an image in the "Not For Sale" Collection where products and features are disabled causes the Buy Buttons to not appear under the image.  Please see our article on how to set pricing and product options.
  3. Did you delete the image? - if you click "Remove From Fotomoto" on an image in your Dashboard, the Buy Buttons won't appear. See the bottom of this article for more info.
  4. Is your platform supported? - Fotomoto is designed to work with many different sites, applications and JavaScript libraries, but we can't guarantee that it works with all of them.  Please check that the system you used to build your site is listed here and make sure your JavaScript library is listed here if you use one in your image gallery.  If it's not, consider switching to one of the listed platforms, or better yet, contact the creator of the system you're using and tell them that you'd like to use Fotomoto with their products!
  5. Check the size set in "Minimum Width or Height for Images" - if the width or height of your image is less than the value in the "Minimum Width or Height" setting, Buy Buttons won't appear under the image.  Read more about this here.
  6. Is your website listed in the Dashboard? - take a look at your Store Settings page in your Dashboard and make sure your website URL is listed under Site Addresses on the bottom left. Also note that the subdomain "www" may be needed in order for your buttons to appear (i.e.,
  7. Are the Buy Buttons the same color as the background? - in HTML, links can be set to any color, so it's possible that your links are the same color as your website backgroud making them invisible.  If you look closely you might see the "|" separators that go in between the Buy Button links because they're usually a different color.  You can use Custom CSS to change the Buy Button color and solve the problem.
  8. Look twice for the Buy Button links - they may be on your website but not where you would expect them.  In certain cases (as with fancyBox) we will put a single toolbar of Buy Buttons at the top of your site since the position of the images on your page can't be determined.   Also, although rare, it's possible that there is a code conflict between your page code and Fotomoto's which could cause the Buy Buttons to appear at some other place on your site, including behind the images.

If you're using WordPress

  1. Did you copy the site key correctly? - following along with the instructions for installing Fotomoto on WordPress, make sure that you have copied and pasted your Site Key correctly.
  2. Using a JavaScript-based gallery? - if you're using a JavaScript library to display your gallery or lightbox, you need to make sure to configure Fotomoto to put the buy buttons in it. Please see this article.
  3. Is your image on a page? - WordPress gives you the option to link thumbnails directly to your large image, but for Fotomoto to work the image has to be on a web page. For more see this article.
  4. Is the page or category disabled? - please check that your Page isn't disabled or that your post is not in a disabled Category. You can change these plugin settings in the WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Fotomoto.
  5. Is your theme compatible with Fotomoto? - Fotomoto works with most WordPress themes, but not all of them. Try switching your WordPress theme to one of the default built-in themes to check this, also please see this article.
  6. Is your Fotomoto plugin current? - you should always use the most recent version of the Fotomoto Plugin. If you're not, please upgrade.
  7. Try disabling other plugins - not often, but sometimes WordPress plugins will cause conflicts that can affect the presentation of your galleries. Please try disabling all plugins except for Fotomoto, then re-enable only the ones you're using one at a time and re-test the page.
  8. You're not using a site, right? - we mention it in the WordPress install instructions, but we'll repeat it here for good measure: Fotomoto currently doesn't work with sites. Fotomoto does work with WordPress sites hosted elsewhere.
  9. Did you enable API mode? - API mode is a more advanced feature designed for developers, and if you're not using our API, you should disable it in your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Fotomoto. 

Still not working?

Try searching for a solution or posting in our Support Community or contact our support team. Please be sure to send us the URL of the page where you're not seeing the Buy Buttons.

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