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Fotomoto Buy Buttons alignment is broken?

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2019 01:21PM PST
  1. The Fotomoto Buy Buttons alignment could use some adjusting?

    The size, spacing and alignment of the Buy Buttons can be changed through the Fotomoto Toolbar submenu.
  2. Check out the Examples

    We've posted lots of Buy Button Customization examples - see if there's one that might help you fix your alignment. In this example we'll use the sample code to move the Buy Buttons up a little.
  3. Copy the code

    screenshot of copying code from Fotomoto buy button customization examples page
  4. Paste the CSS in to your Dashboard

    Go to the Store Appearance page in your Dashboard, and click the "Show CSS" button under Buy Button Appearance, and paste in the CSS you copied.
    screenshot of custom CSS editor on the Site Appearance page of the Fotomoto Dashboard
  5. Success!

    Your Fotomoto Buy Buttons should now be aligned as you like.

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