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Trouble with providing image files for print?

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2012 11:28AM PST

This article is for artists who are having trouble providing Fotomoto with the printable version of their image as needed to fulfill a print order


When Fotomoto receives a print order, our system checks to see if you have provided the appropriate file(s) needed to fulfill the order. If there is anything you need to do at this point, we will let you know what to do by a) sending you an email and b) showing you a notification when you log in to the Dashboard.

How to Fix Things

if you got the message: "You have just received an order via Fotomoto, but there was a problem. Either the file could not be downloaded correctly, or the file was found to be incompatible with our system."

  1. If your photo was supposed to be available to Auto Pickup, first make sure the print image exists in the location that you specified via Auto Pickup. If you prefer to just upload the file manually, go to step 3.
  2. If the print image is available in the Auto Pickup location, go to your Auto Pickup page and check the settings and verify that everything works as described in the Auto Pickup article.
  3. Upload the image manually: go to Dashboard > Orders, then click the order in question. Find the photo that needs to be uploaded under the heading Ordered Items - look for the "Not Uploaded" link and click it to find & upload the file.

If you got the message: "Resolution too low"

Please see our article Guidelines for artists on preparing print-ready files

If you are still having issues, please email support.

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