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Selling downloads and licenses

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2012 01:06PM PDT

Fotomoto offers two simple product options for those who want to sell digital downloads of their images: Downloads and Licenses.


This option is great for wedding photographers and other artists who would like to sell high-resolution downloads of their images for personal use.

Using the Download option, sellers can offer volume discounts by setting different pricing for higher quantities ordered. For example, the image price in an order of 2-10 images could be $5 each and the images in an order of 11-20 files could be set to $4 each.


Using the Licenses option, sellers can offer four different download products:

  • 'Wallpaper': a 1440px x 900px (max) file for personal use.
  • 'Screen Size': a 1440px x 900px (max) file for commercial use.
  • 'Original Size': the original size image (native camera resolution) for commercial use.
  • 'Exclusive': the original size image (native camera resolution) for exclusive use.

Sellers can define what uses are allowed to the buyer based on a simple set of pre-defined terms for 'Commercial' and 'Exclusive' licenses.

There is also a "Contact Photographer" option that can be enabled, where the buyer will be asked to fill in a form about their intended use of the image. The seller then receives a message about the licensing inquiry, and can communicate back-and-forth with the buyer via messages in the Dashboard to arrange a price and license terms.

The Contact Photographer option comes in very handy, as the terms discussed between the buyer and seller are stored in the Fotomoto Dashboard. Once the terms are finalized, the seller can set a "one-off" price for the download+license, and the buyer will be given a special link to purchase the image at the agreed-upon price.

How to set up Downloads in the Dashboard

Just follow these steps to start selling Downloads

  1. Log in to the Fotomoto Dashboard and click the Store tab.
  2. Select the desired Collection in the left column.
  3. Click the on/off switch to turn Downloads on.
  4. Select License or Download under the 'Download type' heading.
  5. Configure the product options and pricing.

    Screenshot of how to enable downloads in the Fotomoto Dashboard

About the Download files

When a customer purchases a download, they are not buying the image file posted on the your website; same as with prints, download files come from the high-resolution file you provide when an order comes in. We'll email you when a high-resolution file is needed (or you can use Auto Pickup), and the smaller Wallpaper and Screen size files will be generated automatically from the file you provide.

How customers pick up the Download

Once you have provided the high-resolution file, we send your customer a link where they can click to agree to any terms and pick up their downloads.

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