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Last Updated: Jan 09, 2019 01:14PM PST

Fotomoto offers eCards and Social Sharing tools to help you share and promote your website.

eCards are like "share via email" tools on steroids. Your site visitors can share your images in an eCard, and the receiver(s) get a nice-looking HTML email that features your image, contains info about your site, and has links to buy or re-share your image (1).

What's more, your site visitors can share your page via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ from the eCard with a single click (2)!

screenshot of a Fotomoto eCard

To enable sharing tools:

  1. Log in to your Fotomoto Dashboard and go to the Store page.
  2. Click the switch to turn eCards on.
  3. Click the eCards icon and enable Social Sharing to turn on share via Facebook, Twitter and Google+

screenshot of the eCard setting in the Fotomoto Dashboard

screenshot of the Social Sharing option in the Fotomoto Dashboard


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