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How do I make a second store in my Fotomoto account?

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019 01:31PM PST

If you are on the Pro Plus Subscription Plan, you can create multiple "stores" in your Fotomoto account. This allows you to use Fotomoto on multiple websites and manage each store's settings individually, while having all payments and accounting roll up to one place.
This article explains how Pro Plus subscribers can create a second store.
Note: if you don't need to control each site separately and just want to use a single Fotomoto account with multiple websites, you can instead just add an alternate Site Address to your Fotomoto account.

1. Click Add Store

Click on "Add Store" from the Fotomoto Dashboard landing page
Note you will only see this button if you are a Pro Plus subscriber.

2. Copy an existing stores pricing and settings

If you want to copy over your existing stores settings just select the "Copy Store from..." option from the menu, and select the store whose settings you want to copy over, otherwise select the "I will enter new prices" option and the wizard will guide you through your stores setup.

screenshot of the Add Store button and New Store entry form in the Fotomoto Dashboard

3. Success!

You should now have another store, to swap between your stores use the small orange arrow in the top left to change what store you are currently in.

screenshot of the Current Store selector in the Fotomoto Dashboard
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