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Selling limited editions via Fotomoto

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019 03:15PM PST

Fotomoto gives you the flexibility you need to sell limited editions the way you want. While we don't show edition numbers in the Fotomoto shopping cart Widget, you are free to describe your offerings on your website, like letting your viewers know how many remaining editions are available, whether they are sold out, etc. When it comes to being able to purchase the editions, you can use Collections in Fotomoto to control the pricing and whether or not an image is for sale.

Here are a few examples of how you might handle limited editons with Fotomoto:

Numbering your prints

If you are OK with "digitally" numbering (and/or signing) your prints, just use an image editor to add your edition number and/or digital signature to your high resolution files before you provide them to us for printing.

If you want to physically number your prints by hand, select "Manual" Order Processing and use Fotomoto to offer the products on your website. Then when a customer purchases, order the prints from yourself at-cost via Fotomoto (or print them wherever you like), sign them, and send them to the customer. For more information on manual fulfillment please see "How to manually fulfill orders…".

Changing prices after X editions are sold

If you want to incrementally increase the price of editions as they sell, you can create one Collection for each level of pricing you need to offer. For example, for a particular image you might sell editions #1 - #10 for $400, and editions #11 - #20 for $500; for this you would use two Collections - one with the price at $400 and one with the price at $500. Put the desired image in to the editions #1 - #10 Collection, and after you sell #10 just move the image to the #11 - #20 Collection.

Screenshot of multiple Collections in the Fotomoto Dashboard used to sell limited edition prints

Handling editions that have "Sold Out"

Once you've sold the maximum number of prints in an edition and no longer want prints to be available, just move the image to the Not for Sale Collection, and Buy Buttons will no longer show under your images. Of course you're free to display the "Sold Out" message on your site however you like.

For more solutions specific to your needs, feel free to contact Fotomoto Support.

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