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Selling limited editions via Fotomoto

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2019 11:42PM PST

Fotomoto doesn't have a built-in way to number your prints sold, but perhaps even better Fotomoto gives you the flexibility you need to sell limited editions the way you want. Below are a few examples of ways to limit your editions:

Limit sales after X editions are sold

Create a "Sold Out" Collection where Print, Fine Art, Frames and Canvas are disabled, then move your images to the Sold Out Collection so the Buy Print links won't be shown under your images. On your site you could always add "- Sold Out" to the title or caption of the image to indicate why there is no Buy Print link.

Screenshot of a Sold Out Collection in the Fotomoto Dashboard to sell limited editions

Change prices after X editions are sold

Create one Collection for each level of pricing you need to offer. For example, you might sell editions #1 - #10 of 30" prints for $400, and editions #11 - #20 for $500; for this you would just need two Collections where the 30" prints are priced differently in each. After selling edition #10, you can just move the image to the higher-priced Collection. Note that a Pro Plus account is needed to create more than five Collections. For more information see our Plans page.

Screenshot of multiple Collections in the Fotomoto Dashboard used to sell limited edition prints

Number your prints

You can use Fotomoto to take the order on your website, have your prints made at a local lab (or print them yourself), then just sign them before shipping them to your customer. For more info please see "How to manually fulfill orders…"

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