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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2019 04:46PM PST

Fotomoto gives you three Print Size Options that let you control which print sizes your customers will see in the Fotomoto shopping cart Widget, based on which print sizes you enable in your Dashboard. The three available Print Size Options are explained below.

You can set the Print Size Options for each print product in Collections within your Fotomoto Dashboard:

  1. Log in to your Fotomoto Dashboard, click the Store tab and select a Collection on the left.
  2. Select the desired print product by clicking the product icon.
  3. Choose the desired option under Size Options in the Product Options section

screenshot of selecting a Collection in the Fotomoto Dashboard

screenshot of setting Print Size Options in the Fotomoto Dashboard

Flexible Sizes (easiest)

The Flexible Sizes option is the easiest to use; your customer will never need to crop your image, as Fotomoto automatically determines what sizes to offer based on which print sizes you have enabled. Fotomoto calculates the height of the print based on the aspect ratio of the image and automatically selects the paper size that will contain the whole image. Then when the order goes to print, the lab will trim any excess white space from the print.

Important: when offering Flexible Sizes, we strongly recommend that you enable all print sizes for the given width(s) you want to offer. For examle, if you want to offer 20" prints, enable 20" x 20", 20" x 24", 20" x 25", etc. Otherwise your customers may see the "We cannot determine the pricing for this image at this time" message.

Note: white borders set up in the print files you provide will not be trimmed.

Crop Using Smart Size Matching

When Smart Size Matching is enabled, Fotomoto will determine which of the print sizes you've enabled best match the ratio of your image. If none of the enabled print sizes exactly match the ratio of your image, we will try and offer the closest-available print sizes. If the aspect ratio of the image doesn't exactly match the print size, the customer will be able to crop the image.

Crop To All Selected Sizes

With this option enabled, the Fotomoto shopping cart Widget display every print size you enabled, regardless of whether or not they fit your image. If the aspect ratio of the image doesn't exactly match the print size, the customer will need to crop the image within the shopping cart Widget.

This is only recommended for advanced sellers who want precise control over which print sizes will be offered, for example wedding photographers who want to sell only "standard" sizes that will fit standard frame sizes.

Note: when the "Crop To All Selected Sizes" option is selected, panoramic sizes that you have enabled will only be displayed in the shopping cart if the image has an aspect ratio that is wider than 5:2.

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