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Last Updated: Jan 13, 2019 08:30PM PST

Fotomoto offers low-cost products like digital downloads and cards where the average price is so low that our transaction fee doesn't cover the credit card processing fee that we pay. Rather than charge our sellers more, we add a small processing fee to a customer's order if:

  1. The subtotal (sale price not including shipping & tax) is less than $10, there is a small processing fee of $.99.
  2. A card order is for 10 items or less, there is a minimum order fee of $1.49.

Note only one of these fees (the larger of the two) will apply to any single order, and the charge appears as a "Processing fee" line item in the shopping cart

Larger orders are more profitable for both sellers and for Fotomoto, so as an incentive, we waive this processing fee on orders above $10.

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