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How can I get paid for the products I sell using Fotomoto?

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2019 01:08PM PST

How does it work?

In short, you set the selling price for your products, and the customer pays you that amount plus any shipping and tax. We deduct a percentage of the sale price as a transaction fee, and credit your Stripe or PayPal account with the rest. If you choose to have Fotomoto make the products and send them to your customer, we then charge you for the cost of the product and shipping.


How much is the profit?

As always, Profit = Revenue - Cost. You determine the Revenue.

You'll see a simple table in the Fotomoto Dashboard with a row for each product. Simply set the Selling Price in one column (or set a default markup for all your products), and see the Fotomoto Cost and Estimated Profit in the same row.

Screenshot of the Product Pricing screen in the Fotomoto Dashboard

How much does Fotomoto cost?

The costs depend on which Subscription Plan you choose:

Plan Transaction Fee Monthly Subscription Fee Designed For
Free 22% $0 Those who sell rarely and don't want to pay monthly fees.
Pro 12% $10 Those who sell occasionally and want a lower transaction fee.
Pro Plus 10% $25 Those who sell more and want to maximize profit.

What about taxes?

In the Fotomoto Dashboard you can choose one of three simple options on how to handle tax:

  • Handle tax yourself
  • Charge tax for all states
  • Only charge tax for your state.

Make your own prints or use a different lab?

You can use Fotomoto to accept orders on your site, then fulfill the products yourself or via a 3rd party lab. Charges work the same as above - we credit you when an order comes in, but don't charge you for the printing and shipping costs since you'll be handling those yourself.

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