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How can I get paid for the products I sell using Fotomoto?

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2013 12:18PM PDT

How much do I get paid?

You set the selling price for your prints and other products. We deduct the fees below, and the rest is yours.

How do I get paid?

When a customer places an order on your site, Fotomoto collects the sale price, shipping charges and taxes from your customer based on the preferences you define in the Dashboard. Then we immediately immediately apply the payment (minus fees below) to your payment account (Stripe or PayPal).

After we've transferred the money to you, if you choose to have Fotomoto fulfill the order, we charge your credit card (or PayPal account) for the printing and shipping costs.

What does Fotomoto charge?

Transaction fees: Fotomoto takes a percentage of each order based on the your Subscription Plan:

  • Free Plan: 22%
  • Pro plan: 12%
  • Pro Plus plan: 10%

Subscription plan fees: If you subscribe to one of the paid plans (Pro or Pro Plus), subscription plan fees are charged monthly to your credit card: $10 per month for Pro subscribers, $25 per month for Pro Plus subscribers.

Printing & shipping costs: If you choose to have Fotomoto fulfill your orders, the printing and shipping costs are debited to your credit card (or PayPal account). For more on our printing costs, please see "Fotomoto product pricing". Shipping costs are adjustable and also shown in the Dashboard under Settings > Shipping Costs.

If you make your own prints or have them fulfilled by a lab, you are responsible for paying the printing & shipping costs as needed to fulfill the order. Printing and shipping will still be charged to your customer as defined in the Dashboard.

What about taxes?

In the Fotomoto Dashboard you can choose whether you want to:

  • Handle tax yourself
  • Charge tax for all states
  • Only charge tax for your state.

Important note regarding orders placed before October 19, 2012

If your customers placed orders prior to October 19, 2012, the Fotomoto transaction fee will be 15%, which will be deducted from the total value of the order and the charges described in the sections above will not apply.

At any time, you can go to the Orders page in your Fotomoto Dashboard and check to see how much you were owed for these orders. If there is a payable balance, you'll see an orange "Request Payment" button at the top right of the screen that you can click to request a payment.

Note that because Fotomoto offered a 30-day refund, the amount owed to you will be "pending" until the end of the 30-day period. For these orders you can be paid by cheque or PayPal. Cheque payments are all in USD, all payments are processed every Friday.

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