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Troubleshooting Auto Pickup

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019 01:15PM PST

If the Test Connection button returns an error

  1. Your profile settings are most likely incorrect - please see Incorrect Settings below.
  2. There was a failure connecting to your host (rare). Please try connecting again at a later time, or check with your online storage provider to make sure your storage location is available.

If the 'Check' button on an image returns an error

Please check to see if your online storage is available via the Test Connection button in your Auto Pickup Profile. If the test fails, see above. If it doesn't fail, please see the common issues listed below.

Common Issues Explained

Incorrect Settings

This is by far the most common cause of Auto Pickup failure. We understand that entering the correct host, path and user credentials can be a bit tricky even for experienced web users, so we advise that you contact your storage provider's support team to make sure that you have verified the correct host, path, username and password settings for your storage directory. This might seem like an unnecessary hassle, but it is likely to save you time in the end.

Note that Fotomoto Support can not help you verify your connection settings for security reasons (we don't know your password).

If you have an FTP client application available, it is preferable to test your settings there, as Auto Pickup only provides limited error messages if the connection fails.

Incorrect Lookup Patterns

Pattern matching can be a tricky subject, so we highly recommend you use the Lookup Pattern Helper found in the Auto Pickup Profile page - please double-check that your Lookup Pattern is correct, and if you need further assistance, please contact Fotomoto Support.

screenshot of the Fotomoto Dashboard showing the Auto Pickup Lookup Pattern Helper

High resolution image file named incorrectly

First, please try checking another image file. If other files are found, you most likely have a typo in your filename or the file is not available (see below.. If other image files can't be found either, check your filenames to make sure they are named so they'll match your Lookup Pattern(s) - note some applications will change your filenames when exporting or importing images. If your file names are correct, there is probably an issue with your lookup pattern(s) - see above.

High Resolution File Not Available

First please verify that the high-resolution file is available in your online storage location. Make sure the file exists in the directory you've specified in the Path field of your Auto Pickup Profile. Also check that the user you've specified in your profile has permission to access the file. Last, check that the file is named appropriately based on the Lookup Pattern you've defined in your profile.

If you've checked everything above and Auto Pickup is still not working, please contact Fotomoto Support.

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