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How do I add Fotomoto to my Facebook page?

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2013 11:33AM PST

We are thrilled to see the excitement for Fotomoto publishing to Facebook.  We know there are articles in our Knowledge Base regarding Facebook, but we are still in pre-alpha testing. A select set of users are ensuring that it will be a seamless experience for all. Hang tight everyone and we will be sending out a newsletter when it's ready!

Publishing your Album to Facebook

  • You will need a Facebook "Page" (in addition to your personal profile page). Learn how to create a Facebook Page at
  • You will need Albums publishing to Facebook.  Click here for directions.

Connect With Facebook

  1. Click on Social Publish under Settings and then Connect with Facebook.
  2. Select the Page(s) to publish to
  3. Once you have confirmation that "Fotomoto app has been added to your Facebook account", click the "Add Fotomoto to My Facebook Pages" button under "Fotomoto on My Facebook Pages", then select the Facebook Page that you will publish your Album to and click OK. You can repeat this step to publish to multiple Facebook Pages.

    Screenshot of selecting a Facebook Page to publish a Fotomoto Album to


You will now see your Album appear in the sidebar of your Facebook Page, and when you click the image, you will see Fotomoto Buy Buttons under it!

To learn more about how to customize your Albums on Facebook, please see this article.

Screenshot of a Facebook Page showing a Fotomoto album

Screenshot of Fotomoto Buy Buttons on a Facebook Page image
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