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How do I customize my Facebook settings?

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2015 03:36PM PDT

Important - please note that Fotomoto's integration with Facebook is in not yet functional for public sites - this article is provided for reference by those in a private testing group.

Now that you have Fotomoto publishing to Facebook, here are the ways you can customize it. To see these options, go to the Social Publish page in your Fotomoto Dashboard.

Screenshot of the Facebook customization options on the Auto Publish page of the Fotomoto Dashboard
  1. Change the Tab Name

    When you choose a Facebook Page you want Fotomoto added to, you can click on the Tab Name and set it to what you want (if you want to it to be something other than Gallery). Some suggestions to get you started are “Purchase”, “Store Front” and “Buy”.
  2. Change the Album View

    You can change the Default View to Thumbnails, Image Stream or Film Strip. This will change the way your photos are displayed under the Fotomoto Gallery Tab on Facebook.
  3. Make it the Default Tab

    You can make Fotomoto your default tab by clicking the Make Default link. This will be the page that visitors land on when they reach your Facebook Page (it will not be visible to you if you are signed into your account).
  4. Enable Notifications

    You can enable and disable Facebook Notifications:
    • Post New Images On The Page’s Wall (every new image you add to the albums on Facebook will appear on your wall as well).
    • Post On The Wall When An Image Is Sold (an update will appear on your page’s wall when one of your images is sold).
    • Also Post On My Personal Wall (these updates will appear on your personal Facebook page as well).
    • Link Facebook wall posts to the original website (visitors will be directed to your website when they click on a post on your Facebook wall) .
    • Set the number of Maximum Daily Notifications that you receive and customize the messages that appear on your wall.
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