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How do I set up Fotomoto with the WP Photo Album Plus plugin for WordPress?

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2018 09:45PM PDT
WP Photo Album Plus (WPPA) is a full-featured and highly-configurable plugin to help you organize your images and display galleries on your WordPress site. The plugin is well-documented, but here are some "quick start" instructions to help you get Fotomoto set up with the plugin.
  1. Install the Fotomoto plugin for WordPress

    First make sure you've installed the Fotomoto plugin as explained in How do I install Fotomoto on WordPress?
  2. Turn on API Mode

    Go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Fotomoto and make sure your Fotomoto Site Key is in the box. Also be sure to check the "Use API Mode" button, then click Save Changes.
    Screenshot of the API Mode checkbox in the Fotomoto Dashboard
  3. Turn on Buy Button visibility

    Go to Photo Albums > Settings > Table II: Visibility > B Slideshow related visibility settings and make sure the text for item 15 reads "w#fotomoto". Any additional text that is in this box will display underneath your Buy Buttons.
  4. Show the custom box

    In the same section, also make sure the box is checked for item 14.

  5. Enable Fotomoto

    Go to Photo Albums > Settings > Table IX: Miscellaneous > K. External services related settings and actions and make sure the box is checked for item 6 Fotomoto.

  6. You're done!

    Now you should see Fotomoto Buy Buttons underneath the full-size image display in your WPPA galleries.

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