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Fotomoto order process

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2019 11:48PM PST
Fotomoto Order Process
# Step Notes
1 Seller sets product sale price in Fotomoto Dashboard  
2 Seller adjusts shipping prices in the Fotomoto Dashboard (if desired) Fotomoto will charge the seller shipping as shown on the Shipping Charges table in the Dashboard.
3 Seller sets tax handling preference in the Fotomoto Dashboard Fotomoto charges sales tax to the buyer based on preferences set by the seller in the Fotomoto Dashboard.
4 Customer adds item to Fotomoto shopping cart Widget, order total plus tax and shipping are calculated  
5 Customer enters payment information in Fotomoto shopping cart Widget and clicks checkout If seller uses PayPal as a payment method, buyer can pay via PayPal or credit card, and buyer will be re-directed to PayPal to complete payment. If seller uses Stripe, customer can pay via credit card (including American Express), and will stay on the seller's site to complete the payment via the Fotomoto Widget.
6 Fotomoto sends order confirmation email to buyer & seller  
7 Fotomoto deducts transaction fees Transaction fees are a percentage of the total sale price of items ordered (not the order total). Amount deducted depends on which Fotomoto Subscription Plan the seller has selected.
8 Fotomoto credits seller's payment account with the order total minus transaction fees. Shipping and tax paid by the customer are included, and credited to the seller's payment account.
9 Fotomoto deducts order costs If Fotomoto fulfills the order, the base costs of the prints and shipping are charged to the seller's credit card. If the seller has selected Manual Order Processing, the seller's PayPal account can be charged instead of a credit card. If the seller fulfills their own order, the seller is responsible for their the printing and shipping costs.
10 Seller provides large print-ready image files If Fotomoto fulfills the order, the seller can upload the needed files to Fotomoto (or use Auto Pickup if applicable). Otherwise seller is responsible for fulfilling the order.
11 Product is printed If Fotomoto fulfills the order, it is printed at one of Fotomoto's partner print labs, otherwise seller is responsible for fulfilling the order and updating the order status in the Dashboard.
12 Email is sent to customer when order has shipped If Fotomoto fulfills the order this is done automatically. If the seller fulfills the order, this happens when the seller updates the order status to "shipped" in the Dashboard.
13 Products sent to customer If Fotomoto fulfills the order this is done automatically, otherwise the seller is responsible for delivering the order to the customer.
14 Customer order issues are handled If Fotomoto fulfills the order, Fotomoto will be the initial point of contact for order issues.
15 Seller pays all applicable taxes  
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