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Customize Fotomoto to match your site

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2013 11:33AM PST

It's important to have a consistent "look and feel" across all parts of your website; you can customize different Fotomoto elements that appear on your pages.

Can you customize the Buy Buttons?

Yes! Fotomoto allows you to control both the appearance and presentation of the links that appear under your photos - collectively known as the Fotomoto Buy Buttons.  

For an explanation of how this is done, please see our page "How can I customize the Fotomoto Buy Buttons"

Can you customize the Shopping Cart?

Yes, you have two options for customizing the Shopping Cart (the thing that appears on your site when a customer has an item in their cart and the Order Window is closed).

Please see our page "How to customize the Fotomoto Shopping Cart".

screenshot of customized Fotomoto buy buttons and shopping cart

Can you customize the Widget?

Yes - Pro and Pro Plus subscribers can customize the logo and button color in the Fotomoto Widget as below. Please see How do I customize the Fotomoto Widget for directions.

Screenshot of a customized Fotomoto Widget

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