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Preparing print-ready files for order uploads

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2013 02:49PM PDT

When a customer orders your photo, Fotomoto will notify you via email, letting you know when a print-ready file is needed to fulfill the order. For an overview of how Fotomoto works with images on your site, please see this article.

Important: we highly recommend that you order test prints to ensure that the final product offered to your customers is of the best-possible quality. We offer test prints at cost - please see the instructions here to find out more.

Here are our recommended specifications for print-ready images:

File type


LZW compression may be used to decrease the size of TIFF files with no loss in quality

JPEG files should be saved at the highest quality setting


Minimum image resolution: 150 dpi

Recommended image resolution: 300 dpi

See "Suggested Resolution for Wall Peels' below

Color Profiles

For all print types, we recommend you convert the ICC color profile to either the ICC Adobe RGB (1998) or sRGB color profile, and embed the profile in the image. If no color profiles are attached, our system will automatically print the files as sRGB. We will update this article with our recommended profiles for Fine Art prints.

Color Model

RGB files only - CMYK files will be rejected


Images should be provided at their native maximum size; we recommend that you not do the resizing yourself, rather let our print partner make any necessary adjustments.

Please be sure to use the original or highest-possible quality version of your image to generate your print files.

Note: if you have enabled the "Standard Sizes Only" option in your Fotomoto Control Panel (Site > Products > Print), and your customer chooses a print size that does not match the aspect ratio of the photo, your customers will be given the option to crop the photo to match the desired size. If you enabled the "Flexible Sizes" option, the Fotomoto shopping cart will only display to your customers the print size choices that match the aspect ratio of your photo.


If you want the photo to be printed with a white or other border, you need to add the desired border to the image file.

Bleed (card products only)

There is a 1/10" (.10 of an inch) bleed on all card products, so this much will be trimmed off each side of your card.


We recommend you apply any desired sharpening to the print-ready image. We do not apply any sharpening filters to your images before they are printed.


All prints will look darker when printed than they do on your screen, this is because your computer screen is back lit. Sometimes you will make a test print using a consumer grade printer and these will also appear brighter than our prints will. This is because most consumer level printers auto brighten your image before printing, profesional printers do not, as this changes the color palette. So make sure you account for this darkening when you prepare your images.

Suggested Resolution for Prints

Small (like 6"x8", 6"x9", 6"x12", etc): At least 1080x1080 (around 1.1 Megapixels)
Small to medium (like 8"x10", 8"x12", etc): At least 1440x1440 (around 2.0 Megapixels)
Medium (like 9"x12", 10"x15", etc): At least 1800x1800 (around 3.1 Megapixels)
Medium to large (like 12"x16", 12"x18", etc):   At least 2160x2160 (around 4.4 Megapixels)
Large (like 16"x20", 18"x24", 16"x24", etc): At least 2880x2880 (around 7.9 Megapixels)
Very Large (like 20"x20", 20"x25", etc): At least 3600x3600 (around 12.4 Megapixels)
Extra Large (like 24"x30", 24"x36", etc): At least 4320x4320 (around 17.8 Megapixels)
XX Large (like 30"x40", 30"x45", etc): At least 5400x5400 (around 27.8 Megapixels)

Suggested Resolution for Wall Peels

To ensure the best-possible quality product for your customers, we recommend that you use high-quality, sharp images. Note that larger print sizes are typically viewed from a distance, so while they may be pixellated when closely-inspected, the presentation is acceptable when viewed further away.

Size Suggested Resolution
4' and below     At least 1920px
6' and larger At least 2880px

If you have any questions not covered above, just let us know and we'll be happy to assist you.

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