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How do I exclude a photo from my store?

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019 02:55PM PST

By default, when you install Fotomoto on your site, it will add Buy Buttons to any image on a web page where the height or width of the image (in pixels) is greater than the value defined in the Minimum Width or Height setting.

Of course you might not want some images to be for sale, so we've built in a few ways to prevent the Buy Buttons from showing on certain images. Please read over the options below to find the best option(s) for your situation.

Are you using WordPress?

If so, you can disable Fotomoto on certain Pages, and Posts in certain Categories. To do this, go to your WordPress Dashboard, then select Settings > Fotomoto, click the Pages or Categories tab to enable/disable Fotomoto as desired.

Change the Minimum Width or Height

If you want to remove the Buy Buttons from smaller images (like thumbnails), change the minimum width or height to a value (in pixels) that's larger than the larger dimension (width or height) of your thumbnails.

Add the image to the "Not for Sale" Collection

  1. Log in to your Fotomoto Dashboard, click the Store tab, then click All Images on the left.
  2. Roll your cursor over the image you want to exclude and click the "Set Collection" icon.
  3. Choose "Not for Sale" in the "Set Collection" dialog box.
  4. Click OK and you're done.

Screenshot of the All Images page in the Fotomoto Dashboard

Screenshot of the choose collection form in the Fotomoto Dashboard

Add the "nofotomoto" Class to your Image

If you have access to the HTML for your image, you can add the "nofotomoto" class to any image as below, which tells Fotomoto to completely ignore the image. This is a great solution for removing banner or other dynamic images from a template.

<img src="no-buttons.jpg" class="nofotomoto" alt="this is an image that should not have fotomoto buy buttons on it" />

Note this will also prevent the image from appearing in your Fotomoto Dashboard.

Use the Image URL Whitelist

If you want to prevent the Buy links from showing on images from other websites, you can "whitelist" the directories that contains images on your site. Fotomoto will ignore images from any other directories. For details on this feature please see: How to use the Image URL Whitelist.

Delete the image

If you delete the image from your Dashboard, the image will go in to the "Removed" Collection (similar to the "Trash" or "Recycle Bin"), and Buy Buttons won't be shown on the image. However, if you purge the deleted images, the image will be re-added to your Dashboard the next time the page that contains the image is loaded in a web browser.

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