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How Fotomoto works on your site - no upload needed until a customer orders

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2013 10:52PM PST

Easy image management

Fotomoto was designed to be an easy way to sell images directly from your website.

Images are added "automagically"

Once Fotomoto is installed and someone visits your web page, our Fotomoto Script will put Buy Buttons under your full-sized images (thumbnails are ignored) and the images will be added to your Fotomoto Dashboard where you can control how they're sold.

Note that no image upload is necessary at this point!

screenshot depicting an image being added from a website to the Fotomoto Dashboard

How we print the image

Images on a website are usually low-resolution and not suitable for making prints, so when someone orders a product from your store, Fotomoto will need a high-resolution version to create the print (or download). You have two options for providing the needed high-resolution files:

  1. Wait for an order to arrive, then Fotomoto will send you an email with instructions on how to upload the needed files. You'll also see a message in your Dashboard.
  2. Use Auto Pickup to automatically get the files needed from your online storage - this is much more convenient than uploading!

Note: print files should be provided within two business days, otherwise the order may need to be cancelled and the customer's money refunded.

How to change the way your image is sold

Your image is available based on which Collection it's in. Please see our article on how to set product and pricing options.

If the image on your site changes...

The images shown in your Dashboard are only references to the images on your website, used to help you manage your store. Because each image is unique based on its URL, if you remove or change the image file on your site, our reference will be out-of-date. For example, if you change the image URL, the image shows up twice in your Dashboard - one reference for each URL the image appeared at.

To update our reference to the image:

  1. Go to the Fotomoto Dashboard, click the Store tab, then click the All Photos Album.
  2. Select the images then choose "Remove Selected Images" from the Actions menu (or hover over an image and click the trash can icon).  The image(s) will be moved to a special "removed" collection, and our Buy Buttons will no longer be shown next to the image.
  3. To completely remove the image, select the 'removed' from the Collections list, then select the image and choose "Purge Selected Images" from the Actions menu. If you didn't mean to delete the image, just click "Recover Selected Images"
  4. Images will be re-added to your Dashboard the next time the image's page is visited in a web browser.
Screenshot of the remove selected images link in the Fotomoto Dashboard

Screenshot of the Purge Selected Images link in the Fotomoto Dashboard

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