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Fotomoto compatibility with WordPress plugins and themes

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2019 10:55AM PST

Fotomoto is designed to automatically insert Buy Buttons under images that it detects on a page. Certain page designs are not compatible by default. For example, if an image is shown full-screen or has a small bottom margin, there is no space for the Buy Buttons to go under the image and adjustments need to be made to overlay the Buy Buttons on top of the image. Additionally, Fotomoto needs to detect which image is being displayed to the viewer so it can insert the correct Buy Buttons, but when a plugin or library is used to switch the "current" image (like in a slideshow), Fotomoto needs to be "told" which image is being displayed.

The easiest way to avoid incompatibilities is to insert photos as images in WordPress, or as a gallery where the thumbnails link to "attachment" pages. See this article for examples.

If you decide to use a plugin or theme that makes use of lightbox or other gallery effects, you have a few options:

  1. Use a library or plugin from the list of libraries that Fotomoto supports.
  2. Tell the developer of the theme or plugin that you'd like to use Fotomoto, and ask if it will be possible. Developers are welcome to contact us to discuss.
  3. If you're comfortable with JavaScript, you can use the Fotomoto API to make any gallery library compatible with Fotomoto...please see Integrating Fotomoto in to an image gallery.

Things to look for in a theme/plugin

  1. Is there space for the Fotomoto Buy Buttons under the images you want to sell?
  2. Are images displayed in pop-up windows with previous/next navigation? If so, does it or can it use a library that Fotomoto supports?
  3. The theme must use the WordPress wp_footer() function to be compatible with the Fotomoto plugin. If wp_footer() is not used, the Fotomoto Script must be inserted manually instead of via the plugin.

Review before you buy

If you can, review or try the theme before you purchase it. You might contact the theme developer and ask if their theme is compatible with Fotomoto. They may be willing to assist you, as we promote Fotomoto-compatible themes on our How page. Please send this page to the theme developer, and if they have any questions, and they are welcome to contact us for more information.

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