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How do I install Fotomoto on Tumblr?

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2012 12:38PM PST


  1. Because there are many different Tumblr themes available, some with custom JavaScript coding and libraries, and we can't claim to be compatible with all of them. Please see the list of compatible Tumblr themes on our How page. Other themes may work as well, but we do not provide support for them.
  2. Fotomoto Buy Buttons may not display as expected in a multi-image post (photoset).
  3. Because Tumblr renames the image files that you post to your Tumblr site, Tumblr isn't compatible with Fotomoto's Auto Pickup feature.

  1. Get the Fotomoto Script

    Go to the Settings page of the Fotomoto Dashboard, click the Get Script button and copy the Fotomoto Script.

    Screenshot of the Get Script button on the Settings page of the Fotomoto Dashboard

  2. Click Customize in your Tumblr account

    In Tumblr, click on MyBlog at the top right, then click the Customize appearance link, under the MyBlog heading.

    screenshot of the Customize Appearance link in the Tumblr admin area

  3. Paste in the Fotomoto Script

    In the Description window, paste in your Fotomoto Script, then click the Save + Close button

    screenshot of pasting the Fotomoto Script in to the Description field in Tumblr admin

  4. Add some CSS

    In order for the Buy Buttons to look right, you'll need to add some custom CSS to your Dashboard:

    1. Go to the Settings > Store Appearance page in your Dashboard
    2. Click the "Show/Hide CSS" toggle button
    3. Add line-height: 1em !important; to the FotomotoToolbarClass declaration as shown below.

      screenshot of the Custom CSS form in the Fotomoto Dashboard for Tumblr sites
  5. Success!

    Your blog should now have the Fotomoto Buy Buttons under the images on your Tumblr site.

    Tumblr screenshot

Now that you've installed Fotomoto on your site, you might want to read our article "I've installed Fotomoto - now what?".

If you have trouble installing Fotomoto on your site, take a look at the Troubleshooting articles in our Support Center or contact Fotomoto Support for help.

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