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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 03:19PM PDT

Can I customize Fotomoto to match my website?
Yes! Please read our article Customizing Fotomoto to match your website.

How can I test the quality of your prints?
We encourage all photographers using Fotomoto to order test prints and check the quality of the prints that will be sent to your customers. Please read our article about how to order test prints.

How can I change product options for a single image?
Please see our article How to set product and pricing options.

I signed up for a Fotomoto account but didn't get my registration email...what do I do?
First, you can simply reset your password using the links at If your email address is not recognized, please contact Fotomoto Support.

How do I get paid for the products I've sold?
When a customer makes a purchase from your site, we transfer the payable balance to your payment account. For a complete explanation, please read How do I get paid for the products I sell using Fotomoto.

I've lost my Fotomoto account password...what do I do?
Please reset your password - just go to and click the "Forgot Password?" link.

How do you make prints from images on my site?
We don't! When someone orders a print, we'll need a high-resolution version of the image to make the print from. To learn more about how Fotomoto works with your site images, please see this article.

I have set my print sizes, but they're not showing up correctly in the Fotomoto Widget
It's most likely that you have set up printing options that are not appropriate for the aspect ratio of your photo. READ MORE

Can I bulk upload my images to Fotomoto?
To get started, you don't need to upload any images! To learn more, please read how Fotomoto works with images on your site.

What type of files do you need for print orders?
You can find complete specs on optimal print files here.

Does Fotomoto support languages other than English?
We realize that multiple language support is very important for our international users, but we don't support multiple languages yet.

Do you offer printing services in my country?
Fotomoto can fulfill prints for you via our partner print labs in California (and Germany for Premium print orders from Europe). Otherwise you can fulfill your own prints from any lab in any country! Please see our Print fulfillment options.

What if I'm not around to upload my photos when an order is placed?
Based on our user agreement, artists should upload their images within two business days of receiving our notification that a print-ready file is needed. If the 48 hour time limit is reached, we send a personal email to the artist and ask if they need more time. If the artist tells us that more time is needed, we contact the customer to see if they are OK with the order taking longer. Based on the customer's feedback, we either cancel the order or extend the time limit.

For your convenience and to ensure the best response time to orders from your customers, we offer Auto Pickup - a service that will automatically grab your high-resolution print files when orders are placed. READ MORE

Does Fotomoto work with password-protected private galleries?
Yes! Please see our instructions on how to allow our servers to access your private pages

I have installed Fotomoto, but I am not seeing the "Buy Print" links under my image.
Please see our troubleshooting instructions.

Fotomoto is installed on my site, but only some of my photos appear in my Dashboard
The Fotomoto Script loads images in to your Dashboard when the page they are on is viewed in a web browser, so you only need to request the desired image page in your browser.

If my photo is For Sale, why does the Fotomoto Widget say "photo not available"?
If you see this message it usually means that the image file is not available or there is problem with how you have configured your print settings. Please see this page for complete descriptions of what could be wrong.

How can my customers redeem the coupons that I give them?
In the Fotomoto Widget, there is a Set button next to Discount on the checkout screen- your customers can click the button and enter the discount code. READ MORE

I have selected to sell 4"x6" or 5"x7" prints, but these sizes do not show up in the Fotomoto Widget
In order to sell these smaller print sizes, you must choose the "Standard Sizes" option in the Fotomoto Dashboard under Site > Products > Prints. The "Flexible Sizes" option is not compatible with these two smaller print sizes. READ MORE

How long does it take to deliver a customer's order if Fotomoto does the fulfillment?
Once you have uploaded any print files needed to fulfill an order, the prints are created and shipped in 7 business days or less; Premium prints generally ship in 2-3 business days, canvas prints, MetalPrints, Framed and Fine Art prints generally ship in 3-4 business days. After that delivery to the customer depends on which method of shipping they selected. Note that we may be shipping from multiple print labs, so customers may receive their orders in separate deliveries.

What does the est. Shipping option in the Widget do?
This feature lets buyers estimate the shipping cost before a purchase is completed. Note that actual shipping costs may vary.

How do I remove Fotomoto from my website?
Simply remove the Fotomoto Script from your website, or if you're using WordPress, disable the Fotomoto plugin.

How do I remove my images from Fotomoto?
Go to the Photos page in your Dashboard, select the image(s) you want to remove and click the "Remove Selected Images" link. To learn more about managing your images, please see this article.

Do you offer an API?
Yes! You can read more about the API in this section of our Support site. Currently we offer minimal documentation and a few samples on how to use the API, so if you have questions, please post them in our Community Forum.

I can't complete my order because Fotomoto says "Resolution too low" next to my image
Please provide a higher-resolution image. If this is not possible, you have the option to cancel or continue with the order - please contact Fotomoto Support.

The Fotomoto Widget shows up "blank" with nothing in it!
Some older web browsers may have issues displaying the Fotomoto Widget; we do not offer support for these older browsers. Please contact Fotomoto Support if you see this message using a newer browser.

The "Buy" button under my photo doesn't work
It is most likely that the CSS or JavaScript code on your website is conflicting with Fotomoto. Please search our Support Center for answers to this issue, or post about it on our Community Help Forum.

Where is the Fotomoto Dashboard?
The Fotomoto Dashboard is the administration area that you see when you log in to your Fotomoto account. From here you can access your account information, orders and statistics, as well as set pricing, product and customization options.

What platform do you recommend that I use to create my photo website?
Please see the list of applications, services and libraries that work with Fotomoto.

Are there any additional charges when using Fotomoto?
There is one - we have a .99 cent surcharge for any purchase under $10, but there is no fee for orders above $10.

How will I be notified when a customer makes a purchase on my site using Fotomoto?
You will be notified by email whenever someone places an order from your site. You will also see messages about this when you log in to your Dashboard.

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