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I've installed Fotomoto - now what?

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2019 01:06PM PST

Once you have successfully installed Fotomoto, you'll want to be ready to accept orders and you may want to customize a few things...

Here are a few things that we recommend you do next:

Learn how Fotomoto works with images on your site - this is a 'must read' article to help you understand how Fotomoto works with images on your website.

Remove the Buy Buttons from certain images - sometimes Fotomoto will put Buy Buttons where you don't want them (like on banner images, etc.).

Disable prints sizes that are too large for your images - you don't want to create big prints from small images.

Place a test order - since Fotomoto fulfills orders directly to your customer, you might want to order a few test prints so you can see what your customers will be getting. Not only does this give you a chance to make any corrections before you receive live orders, but it's also good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the checkout process your customers will go through.

Learn how you get paid (and how much) - educate yourself about how payments work so you can set your prices appropriately and get the profit you expect.

Set up products to sell and features to use - if you haven't already, it's time to make some products available in your store and set up the sharing features.

Set up Auto Pickup - this makes life much easier if you don't want to upload images every time a customer places an order. Also great if you travel and sometimes can't get to your print-ready images.

Customize your Buy Buttons - there's no reason that your Buy Buttons need to be regular ol' blue underlined links; you can use CSS to make your buttons match your site.

Sell your watermarked images - Fotomoto plays nicely with your watermarked images, and no, the watermarks don't have to show up on your prints.

Add another website - you can sell images from multiple websites using a single Fotomoto account. Why not put everything under one roof?

Last but not least, you'll probably want to sell more =)  Make sure to read the other articles in our Tips & Tricks section for suggestions. You can also post and discuss your ideas in our Community Forum. If you have other questions, try searching this site or contact us.

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